In August 2016, the wet lab has moved to the 2nd floor of The Francis Crick Institute. We're the first lab seen from the entrance. The computational lab members are based in at the UCL, and thus we act as a bridge between the two institutions.

During 2013-2016, the lab was located on the 9th floor of IoN. Great for sunset spotting!

We moved to the new LMB building in March 2013. In parallel, part of the group moved to UCL Institute of Neurology in April 2013, and the rest of the group moved in August.

We often organise joint lab meetings with other groups. The photos at Darwin College are from a joint retreat with members from groups of together with groups of Nick Luscombe, Anton Enright, Toma┼ż Curk, Chris Shaw, Martin Turner, Chris Smith and David Elliot. We now repeat meetings with Nick Luscombe and additional groups on annual basis. We also started a joint meeting of three departments from UCL, the first meeting in April was great success, and will be repeated twice per year.